Former professional wrestler Andre Davis on Wednesday was convicted of 14 felonious assault counts after being accused of having sex with several women without telling them he had tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

It took Hamilton County jurors more than two days to deliberate before returning a verdict against the 29-year-old Cincinnati native.

Davis' sentencing is set for Dec. 21 and bond was revoked until then, acording to He is facing a minimum of 28 years in prison and a maximum of 112 years in prison when he is sentenced.

Prosecutors have said Davis, who wrestled under the stage names Gangsta of Love, Sweet Sexy Sensation and Andre Heart, violated state law by not disclosing to his HIV status to a dozen sex partners or lying to them about it.

The 12 women who accused Davis had testified that they had unprotected sex with the former wrestler and that he either never told them or lied about his HIV status. HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. Citing medical privacy laws, the judge didn't allow attorneys to say whether any of the women was infected with the virus.

Prosecutor Amy Tranter has told the media that along with the many testimonies, jurors also considered the evidence in the case step by step.

It's an important case, Tranter said. It's a serious case.

Tranter also said Davis should go to prison for a long time, noting that the case was about the defendant's responsibility to tell the women of his status.

But Davis' attorney, Greg Cohen, has told the media he plans to appeal the verdict and also noted that the state law regarding HIV and felonious assault is poorly written. Cohen said it doesn't require proof that there has been harm or an attempt to commit harm.

Cohen has also suggested that the women were promiscuous by having unprotected sex and multiple partners.

Cohen also said that his client found out about his HIV-positive status through a company and not a doctor.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, in July 2009, the World Wrestling Entertainment told Davis that it wouldn't hire him because he had failed his physical and tested positive for HIV.

Tranter has said that state law requires those who test positive for HIV to inform their sex partners of that status.

The Asociated Press reported that Davis is also facing similar charges in Warren County, north of Cincinnati.