A gas pump karaoke video featured on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” that went viral was allegedly staged. The segment on the show is called “Pumpcast News” where a  fake news host talks to unsuspecting people pumping gas via a screen and speakers above the pump.

In this particular video, the host invites the couple to sing karaoke style to win a free tank of gas. The man pumping gas, Will Sims, breaks into song without hesitation when prompted by the host on “Pumpcast News.” Moments later, his wife, Monifa, joins in after the host asks for them to do a duet.

While the video appeared to surprise the couple, its impromptu nature was called into question when it was revealed that Monifa had previously appeared on the segment a couple of years before.


Monifa told the Smoking Gun, “When it happened again, I said, ‘I cannot believe it!’”

The Smoking Gun also reports that she claims that she and her husband didn’t watch the first time she was featured on the show. However, a look at her Facebook page says otherwise with her status reminding people to check out the segment on "Leno" back in March 2011.

Check out the video that went viral and the "Pumpcast News" segment that Monifa originally was featured in here.