Atlanta Braves pitcher Gavin Floyd suffered a gruesome injury to his right elbow on Thursday when a routine pitch ended in disaster.

Floyd, 31, broke his right olecranon -- a bone in the elbow -- while throwing a curveball in the seventh inning of a game against the Washington Nationals. “It was fine until that last pitch,” he said after the Braves 3-0 victory over the Nationals, according to ESPN. “I felt a pop. And it wasn’t painful, at least.”

The elbow injury may not have been painful, but it did produce some particularly gruesome photos. Images show that the tip of Floyd’s right elbow had ballooned to about the size of a golf ball.

In fact, a fractured olecranon is so rare that the Braves are unable to put a timetable on his return, ESPN reports. The injury will sideline Floyd in the midst of what has largely been a successful comeback from Tommy John ligament replacement surgery last season on the same elbow. Through nine starts this season, Floyd was 2-2 with a 2.65 ERA in 54.1 innings of work.

“I felt like I was getting better and better, so it’s definitely disappointing,” Floyd, who had Tommy John surgery last May, said. “Definitely not what I envisioned to happen. I haven’t had any pain since the surgery.”

A photo of Floyd’s elbow injury can be viewed below.

[h/t Larry Brown Sports]