“General Hospital” will say goodbye to Luke Spencer on Monday. As Anthony Geary’s fictional life on the ABC soap opera ends, a new chapter of his life is just beginning.

“I'll be reinventing myself in a new place and a new language,” Geary told the Los Angeles Times. The 68-year-old has owned a house in Holland for 20 years and went there after finishing filming in Los Angeles. Geary previously explained to Entertainment Weekly the move was caused by the appeal of going unrecognized. The Dutch don't “care about celebrity,” Geary explained.

After 37 years on the show, “General Hospital” fans definitely know the face of their beloved Luke. However, it seems Geary doesn’t always love it when viewers talk to him about one of his most famous storylines: the romance of Luke and Laura (Genie Francis). “It was once very difficult for me realize that more than likely my obituary in the paper will read, ‘Luke of Luke and Laura fame died today,’” Geary admitted to EW last month. “It was very upsetting when I came to that realization.”

Geary also revealed that in addition to a new location, he got a new look. “After 35 years, it’s hard to separate fiction from reality, so the first thing I did was cut off my hair and shave and try to physically shed this character,” he explained to TV Insider. “Then I flew to Amsterdam and, within two days, started feeling a bit odd, as if there was something I should be doing, like emailing the studio to get my next script or swimming or bicycling so I can stay in shape for the show. Then it hit me. I don’t have to do a damn thing! I am free!”

With nothing scheduled, Geary has enrolled in school again. “I got myself into a 10-week course at the University of Amsterdam on Dutch theater history and literature,” he explained. “I’ve also been doing quite a bit of writing lately. And I have not retired from acting. Just from ‘GH.’”

Before fans worry about Geary’s next move, they’ll have to find out how Luke’s story ends on Monday's episode. Geary assured fans that it would be satisfying. “They've given me a terrific wrap for my character,” he told the L.A. Times. “He's been a difficult, eclectic character to find a logical motivating conclusion for, but they've done that.”

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for times.