United Airlines frequent flyer Tom Stuker is a real Up in the Air flyer, soon to reach his 10 million miles flying milestone like George Clooney's character Ryan Bingham in the movie.

The milestone flight will be in three weeks on July 9. In order to celebrate crossing the 10 million mile mark, Stuker is inviting 20 people to join him on the flight.

Should be fun....I know I will be celebrating! Stuker posted recently on FlyerTalk.com, an internet bulletin board for frequent flyers. 

Stuker's 10 million miles aren't just regular frequent flyer miles, which can also be accrued through credit card purchases without flying. The 10 million miles are actual miles flown in the air.

Like the character Ryan Bingham in the movie, Stuker is part of the airline's secret club which is actually a high revenue frequent flyer program that United Airlines calls Global Services.

United Airlines won't release much information on the program, but spokesman Urbanski Janikowski told ABC News two years ago, It's a world that not many folks know even exists.

It's unknown whether or not a United Airlines chief pilot will be greeting Stuker as Ryan Bingham got in the movie, but Stuker said that United Airlines is part of the planning for the celebration.