Could there be another George Bush in politics? George P. Bush, the nephew of George W. Bush and grandson of George H.W. Bush, has filed paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission that lays the groundwork for a run at state office.

George P. Bush, 29, the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, filed what is known as a campaign treasurer appointment – paperwork necessary to be a candidate for state office in Texas, the Associated Press reported.

George P. Bush was raised in Florida but moved to Texas and now lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

He is a managing partner at St. Augustine Partners LLC, a Dallas-based gas and oil consulting firm.

The filing does not give any indication as to what state office George P. Bush is seeking in Texas, but the possibilities range from commissioner of a local water district to governor, the New Republic reported.

Last month, in an interview with Fox News Latino, the 29-year-old, who is half-Hispanic, said he aspired to run for public office but did not elaborate on those plans.

“I am thinking about statewide office, the next election cycle. After this election [Nov. 6] is over, I’ll entertain it,” he told Fox News Latino. “I’m intrigued by being in public office. I’m feeling the bug, the bug to jump into it. It’s in my genes, I can’t get it out.”

Sources told the news outlet that George P. Bush is considering a run for Texas state attorney general or Texas land commissioner.

News that George P. Bush filed preliminary papers to run for statewide office in Texas was met with a mixed reaction on Twitter.

“George P, Bush another one filed papers in Texas damn and they keep coming! NO MORE BUSHES!!! #LetTaxCutExpire,” wrote @EdieVP.

“Oh God in heaven NOOOOO!,” said @theatomicmom.

D.M. Hawkins, a writer for the conservative political website, gushed about George P. Bush’s personal qualities.

“I do like George P Bush, met him on a couple of occasions, and lets be honest: Americans love dynasties,” Hawkins wrote.

Bush campaigned for 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney this election cycle.

Bush touted Romney’s credentials in the Fox News Latino interview after being asked what Latinos do not know well enough about the Republican presidential candidate.

“What gets lost in the discussion about Mitt Romney is that he’s a champion for small business,” he said. “Two-thirds of new jobs created since the Carter administration are created because of small businesses. It will be small businesses that fuel economic growth. Mitt Romney has had a lifetime of private sector accomplishments.”