Fans are hooked the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones," with its unpredictable plot twists involving repugnant characters willing to do just about anything to get power. But even George R.R. Martin, who depicts the troubling outcomes of having demagogue style leaders in his book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" that inspired the TV series, is shocked that the United States has elected Donald Trump for president, Rolling Stone reported.

Martin expressed his dismay about the election result Wednesday in a blog post titled "President Pussygrabber.” “There are really no words for how I feel this morning. America has spoken. I really thought we were better than this. Guess not," he wrote.

Martin did not hide his trepidations that Trump’s policy ideas could pass without being challenged since Republicans will also control Congress for the next four years. “Over the next four years, our problems are going to get much, much worse,” he wrote.

To the chagrin of many fans, Martin had taken time off from writing the long anticipated next installment in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series, "The Winds of Winter," to hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, CNN reported. Martin surprised a group of Clinton volunteers in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Saturday to encourage them to spread the word and vote in the presidential campaign, The Huffington Post reported.

He referred to Trump as “the least qualified candidate ever nominated by a major party for the presidency” in his Wednesday blog post.

“Come January, he will become the worst president in American history, and a dangerously unstable player on the world stage,” Martin continued before reiterating one the most familiar lines from the "Game of Thrones" series, “Winter is coming.”

"Game of Thones" is HBO’s most-watched and longest-running series, with its latest seasons averaging 25 million total viewers, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Fans of the show are eagerly anticipating the arrival of its seventh season in summer 2017, which will only have 7 episodes instead of the usual 10.

HBO confirmed that the eighth season of Game of Thrones would be its last.