Rebekah Speights, a resident of Dakota City, Neb., is auctioning off a McDonald's chicken nugget that she says looks a lot like America's first president, George Washington. 

As if the McNugget were some kind of keepsake, Speights has actually held onto this particular nugget for three years. The reason? Her children felt like playing with the chicken piece rather than eating it. When she was ready to throw it away, Speights discovered the nugget had a striking resemblance to the man on the one dollar bill.

I looked down at the McNugget and just started laughing, Speights told the Sioux City Journal. I saw this portrait of George Washington staring back at me.

Speights showed her husband, family and friends; some of them reportedly spotted the resemblance right away. She stowed the George Washington McNugget in her freezer for three years and was ready to throw it away until she attended a sermon at the Family Worship Center on Sunday night, and decided to try and sell it to charity.

I was totally amazed that it really does look like Washington's profile, said Tricia Yanney, the children's minister at the Family Worship Center. God works in unbelievable ways, and God put it in her heart to do this.

Speights said she put the McNugget on eBay on Monday, with the faint hope of raising some money for children at the Sioux City Family Worship Center to attend a summer camp in nearby Dayton, Iowa. The church aims to raise $15,000 to send 50 children to the camp, and Speights thought she'd do her part to try to make this a reality.

It's not one of those things you think would get money, but people put crazy stuff on [eBay] all the time, Speights said. For me, it's more the nature of raising money for the kids and not about the McNugget.

On Tuesday evening, Speights received a bid for $100.

We just screamed, Speights said. We don't know who it is or where they're from. That bid came within the first hour.

The Washington McNugget is currently bidding at $301. Way to go America.