Moving over rom-coms, the Scottish green-eyed Gerard Butler is now all set to play a retired FBI agent Steve Vail working as a bricklayer in Chicago.

He is called back to duty when a gang of criminals start killing people and demanding a series of multi-million dollar paychecks.

The actress who will play his co-star as the deputy director at the FBI, and the director of the movie has not been finalised yet.
"The Bricklayer" is an adaptation from the book of the same name by Noah Boyd.

This will be Mark Gill's first project since he stepped into the shoes of Millenium president in June.

Butler has recently completed work on "Coriolanus" directed by Ralph Fiennes and will also been seen in another romantic comedy "Playing the Field". "The Bricklayer" is said to be his next venture.

Of late there has been an overdose of Gerard Butler in rom-coms. Butler, the kind of actor whom fans want to see in a heavy duty action movie rather than sitting down and cracking jokes with his leading ladies will hopefully get back on track with "The Bricklayer".