A Twitter account that some find hilarious and entertaining and others would find probably find offensive got its own hashtag trending Monday after its 30 tweets were reposted by thousands of Twitterati. The @RatchetJeopardy handle isn’t following anyone, but already has nearly 20,000 followers after being on the Internet for a day.

The game is set up like the traditional Jeopardy game on NBC, where the answers appear on the blue screen with white writing and the contestants must supply the question. While the Alex Trebek-hosted show is fairly serious, the new @RatchetJeopardy is more offbeat, so speak lightly.

The Twitter handle asks its followers to answer their questions with the hashtag “GhettoJeopardy” and even occasionally offers play money.

Most of the answers are too unpleasant to quote, but some of them involved celebrities and are seemingly open-ended with no real answer. One of the posts that wasn’t too overtly bigoted said: “This is something Twitter never seems to have.” Another one read: “This rapper has ambition for everything except learning how to play basketball.”

It seemed most people were playing along with the game on Monday, many answering in the proper “Who is” form with quotes included. As of 7:45 p.m. people seemed to be less insulted by the racially charged game and instead were more interested in playing along.

The “game” has caught on so fast that it practically became a sensation that it only took four hours to reach 20,000 followers on its public page. It’s not certain who started the account, but seems to have been done as a gag.

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