A Chinese couple had an unwelcome visitor in their apartment: a two-foot long lizard nesting inside their wall. Firefighters were called and spent more than 30 minutes trying to wrangle the reptile.

The grey lizard was discovered while seeking shelter inside a building in Leshan City in China’s Sichuan province. The lizard was holed up inside a corner when firefighters were able to grab the lizard, put it into a bag and later bring it to a nature reserve, Shanghaiist reports. The incident was captured on video.

“I heard some strange noise and I went to check what happened. I didn’t find anything the first time. The second time I saw it. I thought it was a snake then I immediately shut the door,” the woman who found the lizard told ITN.   

Firefighters wore gloves, in case they were bitten, while they tried to capture the reptile, NBC News reports. The video shows the moment when the lizard was captured. One of the firefighters grabs the reptile from inside the wall as another turns toward the camera and runs away. A group of firefighters eventually put the large lizard into a bag. The video jumps to a shot where the animal is released.

Chinese news outlet Sina Hong Kong, who originally reported the story, says the lizard might be a water monitor, or varanus salvator, a carnivorous reptile related to the Komodo dragon but not as large (Komodos can reach 10 feet long).