If you're anything like me, the thought of a dirty, sewer-dwelling rat being anywhere near you, let alone crawling on your foot, or munching your apartment wall searching for food, is enough to make you want to scream with fear. These rodents have roamed and thrived alongside us for millions of years, and a new scientific study predicts that rats could evolve to be the size of cows one day, and weigh in at 176 pounds.

Jan Zalasiewicz from Leicester University in England based this finding on the study of "rat islands" and the fact that the earth is suffering from a emptying ecospace. But first things are first, what on earth are rat islands?

Well it certainly doesn’t sounds like a tropical destination, as rat islands were formed to see just how well the rodents adapt and dominate in their environments. They have proven themselves as a strong species that can not only survive but thrive in their habitats.

As our ecospace becomes empty and larger species die off, there will be room for rats to grow and develop into larger rodents, and as this scientist says they could evolve to be the size of a large cow one day. While this evolution could take millions of years to occur, the thought of it should send shivers up your spine.

A rat can live longer without water than a camel, can survive radiation and being flushed down the toilet, and it can even fall some 50 feet without injury. According to this study, rats are a super species, and nothing, especially human fear, could stop them from adapting and thriving in our world, as we humans are responsible for spreading them around the world.