San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey says more than likely...out for the rest of the year.  The reigning NL Rookie of the Year made his comments in a conference call with local writers according to the San Francisco Chronicle and Mercury News.

Posey also added, I think we'll know more once we do some surgery. I think it's highly likely I probably won't be back, from what I'm hearing.

However, Posey did say that he does not believe that this is a career threatening injury.

Posey was injured on Wednesday night on Scott Cousins' hard slide to home plate on a sacrifice fly in the Giants' game against the Florida Marlins.  MRI exams reveal torn ligaments in the ankle and a fractured bone in the lower leg. 

The catcher is currently in a lot of pain and discomfort, however Posey said that he is still 100 percent intent on returning as a catcher. 

He did not want to speak at length about Cousins only saying, I don't know Cousins, I'm not out to villify Cousins in any way whatsoever. It happened and it's over with.

He also believes that Major League Baseball and the Players Association should review the types of plays that he was injured on.

As a catcher, you're left in a very exposed position when you catch the ball and have a guy bearing down on you as hard as he can. I'm fortunate I didn't come away with a neck injury or a spinal injury, Posey said. 

Posey will be getting opinions from other specialist before deciding on his course of treatment for the injuries.