While the feud over the Dodger's ownership among owner Frank McCourt and wife Jamie McCourt escalates, one other lawsuit has additionally heightened the already tense Dodger nation.

Giants Fan Stow's family filed a lawsuit this Tuesday against the team and team-owner Frank McCourt alleging that the stadium's underperforming security caused by lack of funding and the aged Dodgers facility added to such beating to occur. They claimed that a more appropriate security must've been rendered for such renowned and contended match-up.

According to LAtimes.com the family attorney stated that The lack of security and inadequate lighting presented a perfect opportunity to commit a variety of crimes. Unfortunately, for Bryan Stow, this is exactly what happened. 

Bryan Stow was brutally assaulted in the Dodgers stadium parking lot on the opening game between the Dodgers and the Giants on March 31. For weeks authorities had not arrested any suspects linked to the case until the LAPD finally apprehended Giovanni Ramirez.

TMZ is reporting that Ramirez is a gang member with felony convictions and that his lawyer stated that his client has three witnesses who will testify that Ramirez was not at the game on the day the incident occurred but rather in his apartment.

Ramirez is believed to be the main aggressor for the beating with a deadly weapon of Bryan Stow who fell into coma and continues in a serious condition at a San Francisco hospital.