The 2012 Giants Ticker-Tape Parade took place Tuesday down the Canyon of Heroes, as hoards of fans gathered in lower Manhattan to celebrate the 2012 Super Bowl champs.

Parade revelers gathered along the streets, dressed in their best red-and-blue outfits, to celebrate the New York Giants' Super Bowl victory.

Eli Manning was the star of the day. The quarterback hoisted the Lombardi Trophy while atop a glittering blue-and-white float. Mayor Michael Bloomberg joked that New York City should be nicknamed Big Blue Apple.

Though Manning might have been the main attraction at the Giants Parade, one fan was hoping to see someone else.

An NBC reporter interviewed parade-goers Tuesday afternoon and one respondent committed what many would dub a major sports-blooper.

Standing amongst a group of young screaming fans dressed in Giants gear, the reporter asked how the parade was.

One girl, holding an unidentified red drink in an extra-large Slurpee cup, was sitting on her friend's shoulders. She replied that the parade was Woo! Amazing! Woo!

Then the reporter turned to the girl holding her and asked, Who would you like to see?

The bleary-eyed blonde, wearing a Super Bowl T-shirt, yelled, Sanchez! Followed by, Peyton? 

Obviously, she had her teams mixed up, as Mark Sanchez is the quarterback for the New York Jets and Eli's brother, Peyton Manning, plays for the Indianapolis Colts. Wrong team girl, said the NBC journalist. But that's alright.

Though many may criticize the silly mistake, others found something to compliment.

Yahoo! Sports writer Chris Chase looked on the bright side: Make all the jokes you'd like about how she was enjoying what was in that Giants tumbler a little too much... This young woman was able to conduct an interview while her friend was sitting on her shoulders and still managed to name one New York player, albeit one on another team. All in all, I'd say that's a pretty successful Tuesday morning.

Check out the video from the Giants Parade 2012 below.