A Giants Super Bowl 2012 win celebration video from the team's plane emerged after New York beat the New England Patriots 21-17 Sunday evening.

The video, shot on a low-res camera by Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich, features Big Blue celebrating the New York Giants' big win, as a number of players dance in the team airplane's aisles and sing a song about the new pieces of jewelry they earned by winning Super Bowl 2012:

I got a ring, the team members chant in a jubilant sing-song voice. He got one, too!

The impromptu call-and-response was led by G-men running back Andre Brown, according to the description Herzlich wrote to accompany the video on his YouTube page.

One of the team's members--most likely Herzlich himself--can be heard laughing intermittently throughout the performance, as the team was giddy with joy at having toppled the mighty Patriots again (they previously beat the Pats in 2008's Super Bowl.)

The team had a lot to be happy about, as they not only get to take home the Super Bowl 2012 rings, they also got mega-bonuses from the NFL.

Each Giants player earned $172,000 total from the NFL in post-season bonuses for becoming the league's newest champs, according to CNBC.

Herzlich was not on the team's active roster for Super Bowl 2012, but he had another reason to be proud, as he is a survivor of Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer he was diagnosed with in May 2009.

Watch the Giants celebrate their big win in Herzlich's video below: