Van Morrison has been left devastated following the death of his former lover and mother of his youngest child, Gigi Lee, who passed two months ago after a long battle with cancer. She was 44.

Probate records in Tarrant County, Texas, state that Lee died on Oct.7 from throat cancer, the Daily Mail reported-- a secret that Morrison managed to keep quiet for months.

Gigi, a U.S born singer, was Morrison's tour manager and director of 14 of his companies before she shocked the music world by revealing she was also the mother of his love child, George Ivan Morrison III.

When Van Morrison heard of Lee's illness he made regular visits to see her at her home in Killiney, South Dublin, according to the Daily Mail. Lee had moved to Dublin from the U.S to ensure her son could spend more time with his father.

Lee suffered from inoperable throat cancer since Sept.2009 and suffered through it during her pregnancy, according to her best friend Carla Higdon who spoke to the Daily Mail.

The tumor had wrapped itself around an artery so they couldn't do surgery. Van was very worried for her. I think he loved her and I know she loved him, she said.

Morrison tried to keep his relationship with Lee secret for some time. He even went as far as issuing a series of court injunctions in an aim to muzzle the birth of his love child, but the truth eventually came out.

The birth of their son was revealed in a statement on Morrison's official Website. It Read: Gigi and Van Morrison are proud to announce the birth of their first-born son, Little Van, born Dec 28, 2009 - the spitting image of his daddy. He is a dual citizen of Northern Ireland/UK and the United States.

Once Morrison spotted the statement it was quickly removed and replaced by message saying it had been a hoax.

An investigation carried out by several newspapers in Britain later found email exchanges between the two that suggested Lee really did have Morrison's baby, which led to the singer announcing the truth. Morrison is still with his second wife Michelle Rocca, and had permission to visit Lee when she was sick, the Daily Mail reported.