You may have heard a collective scream around the world from “Gilmore Girls” fans Monday night. TV Line reported that Netflix wants to bring back the WB series, which originally aired from 1999-2000, with four 90-minute episodes. Negotiations are still taking place, so it isn’t clear who will return for the series. Still, fans can’t wait to catch up with their favorite mother-daughter duo, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel). Although the dramedy wasn’t really mysterious, there are still a few questions that we need answered in the new episodes of “Gilmore Girls.”

1. Did Luke and Lorelai ever get married? When Scott Paterson, who played Luke, talked to International Business Times in June, he said that he wanted to do a "Gilmore Girls" movie, and he mentioned someone's nuptials. “They want a resolution,” Paterson said of the fans at Austin Television Festival. “And it’s not a mystery what the film should be: It’s a wedding. It’s not complicated.”

2. What did Rory do after following Obama’s campaign? Just after graduation, Rory got a job as a journalist covering the 2008 presidential election, but what came next? Did she ever become a New York Times reporter?

3. How will “Gilmore Girls” address Ed Hermann’s death? Unfortunately, the actor who played Richard died. With the Gilmore family patriarch gone, fans have to wonder how the show will handle his absence.

4. Are Friday night dinners still a regular occurrence? Technically, they were instated as a way to pay back Rory’s tuition, so the gatherings probably wouldn’t be an obligation anymore. Will Lorelai voluntarily eat a meal with her mother Emily (Kelly Bishop)?

5. Who did Rory end up with? Jess (Milo Ventimiglia)? Dean (Jared Padalecki)? Logan (Matt Czuchry)? A new guy? Or is she single and loving it?

Gilmore Girls netflix Do Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Dean (Jared Padalecki) keep in touch? Hopefully, audiences will find out in Netflix's "Gilmore Girls" revival. Photo: WB/Facebook

6. Where are Rory's ex-boyfriends? Even if she didn't end up with any of them, we still want to know what happened to Dean, Jess and Logan. According to another TV Line report, we’ll catch up with all of Rory’s exes, so we should get an answer to this one.

7. Did Kirk ever choose one career path? Kirk (Sean Gunn) seemed to have a different job every episode, but did he ever run out of job choices in Stars Hollow?

8. Where is Lane’s father? Lane (Keiko Agena) mentioned her father in the original series, but he was never shown on screen, despite her character getting married and having children on the show. Where is he? Who is he? Why is he never around?

9. What are the last four words? “Gilmore Girls” showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino said that she knew the last four words of the series finale. However, they were never used because she left the show before the seventh season. Sherman-Palladino and her partner Dan Palladino will be writing the Netflix revival of “Gilmore Girls,” so this is one question that will almost definitely be answered.

An air date has not been announced for the “Gilmore Girls” revival on Netflix. What questions do you need answered? Sound off in the comments section below!