Herman Cain's alleged mistress Ginger White defended her claims of a 13-year affair with the Republican presidential candidate on Good Morning America early Wednesday.

I'm not here to say anything negative about Mr. Cain, White said. I'm only here to state the truth and what happened in the past.

White claims she and Cain have maintained a casual affair that lasted on and off for the past 13 to 14 years. He would allegedly fly her to spend time with him on trips and in hotels.

It was not a consistent love affair that went on every day, she said on Good Morning America. I've received gifts and money for the last two and a half years consistently... [But] this was not sex for cash.

White's claims have been called into question due to past legal and financial problems. She insists she has spoken out in an effort to tell her side of the story rather than allow reporters to make false claims or assumptions.

You really do not enter into [an affair] holding onto receipts, holding onto gifts, or if there were any notes or anything like that, to come out and eventually say, yeah, this happened and here is my proof, White said in her defense. I can't make this stuff up and frankly I wouldn't want to.

White has also released phone records that indicate she has remained in contact with Cain even though their physical relationship ended eight months ago. Cain has continued to call and text White up until a week ago. He had even continued contacting her in October and November 2011 while two women publicly came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment.

I can't imagine waking up one morning and deciding to come out with this, if it weren't true. This is a very difficult decision to make for myself, and for my family, and this is not something I'm proud of, she explained.

Although White claims Cain never asked her to keep the story quiet, she believes he would never have expected her to talk to the media.

At the end of the day this is not political, White said on Good Morning America. [But] I don't think, in my opinion, Mr. Cain would make a good president.

Cain has responded to the allegations calling White a troubled Atlanta businesswoman and denying he has ever had a physical relationship with the 46-year-old single mother. When asked directly by Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Monday if his friendship with White was an affair, Cain replied, It was not. He said the two have been friends and he tried to help her financially.

However, since the release of White's story, Cain has said he is reassessing his campaign.

We have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud, in some people's minds, as to whether or not they would be able to support us going forth, Cain said in conference call Tuesday.

The campaign has not yet quit the race and sent an email to supporters late Tuesday titled Stand By Me. In the email, Cain explained that White was lying about the affair.

But now I am asking for your friendship. I am also asking for your prayers and support. This is a trying time for my family, my campaign, and for me, Cain said in the email. It is also a trying time for our country as we are all distracted from the truly important issues facing our nation.

Watch ABC News' Exclusive Report with Ginger White:

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