Waterproof ponchos, shorts and boots seem to be the dress-code for this year's Glastonbury festival as torrential rain welcomed participants to the 900-acre site at Worthy Farm, in Somerset, where the event is held.

Over 177,000 revelers are expected to attend the 2011 events, the highlights of which are performances by U2, Beyoncé and Coldplay. Starting from 22-26 June, 2011, the tickets for the current event were sold within just four hours of sale.

Glastonbury is a pioneering event in the British performing art arena, contributing over 100 million pounds every year to the region's economy. Now in its fifth decade, the festival has grown from a humble gathering of 1,500 people on Michael Eavis's Worthy dairy farm in 1970, each paying $1.60 and receiving free milk, to a giant five-day celebration of music.

Although Britain's Met Office is predicting sunshine, clouds and light rain for the current event, festival-goers are greeted by heavy rain, shin-deep mud and leaking tents. This however failed to dampen their spirits. The participants took turns to dance and enjoy in the muddy festive field.