The hit T.V. show 'Glee' has had a major impact. Not only do artists whose songs appear on the show reap the benefits from increased sales but now, aparently, so do formalwear retailers.

Online formalwear retailers have seen a 300 percent increase in orders coming in men from singing groups in the past year. It's now 'cool' to sing a choir. This sharp increase has even spread into the UK.

Tim Grimaldi, Director at commented in a statement: Glee has made it acceptable for guys to croon. Choirs used to be seen as geeky but that's all changed. Women love the Glee guys and the 'tuxed up' look so men are rushing to make the most of it. 

It's also thanks to 'Glee' that more and more music acts are allowing their songs and themselves to appear on T.V. Shows like 'The Voice' and 'American Idol' have seen an increase in big-name stars performing on their shows. After a 'Glee' episode aired where the cast sang songd from Fleetwood Mac's 1970s album 'Rumours' the album shot back up into the top 40.

It's the 'Glee' effect.