Over 200 people have been injured during the sectarian clashes between Muslims and Christians that took place in Cairo.

The clashes on Sunday started with more than 100 Salafist Muslims gathering outside the Coptic Saint Mena Church in the Imbaba district. The incident took place after rumors spread that a Christian woman married to a Muslim man was abducted and has been kept by the Church against her will.

A large group of Muslims made their way towards the Saint Mena Church where they were greeted by a human barricade of Christians. Violent demonstrations ensued hereafter and the entire area including the church was set ablaze with firebombs.

Following this, a group of people armed with knives attacked the church of Virgin Mary nearby and also set it on fire. Although the firefighters managed to bring the situation under control, the deadly violence in the region continues. Get a glimpse of the violent demonstrations below: