Herman Cain's wife, Gloria Cain, will speak Monday night in a special on Fox News.

Excerpts were released Monday afternoon, and the GOP Presidential hopeful's wife addresses issues including the sexual harassment scandal that has dogged his floundering campaign.

You hear the graphic allegations and we know that would have been something that's totally disrespectful of her as a woman, she says in a short clip leaked Monday afternoon. And I know the type of person he is. He totally respects women.

Mrs. Cain seems to express an unwillingness to believe that her husband would be psychologically capable of harrasing four women, as he is accused of doing during his former tenure at the head of a restaurant organization.

I'm thinking he would have to have a split personality to do the things that were said, according to Mrs. Cain

Cain's campaign has kept Gloria Cain hidden from the press for weeks, but he became more open about her as the sexual harassment allegations against him mounted.

My own wife said that I wouldn't do anything as silly as what that lady was talking about, because she does know me, Cain said about one of the accusers, Sharon Bialek during a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment last week. I've been married for 43 years to the same woman and I'm proud of it.

A new Politico poll showed a downward trend in Cain's approval rating:

Among likely Republican voters surveyed Sunday, Nov. 6, Cain led the field with 40 percent, Politico reported. On Monday, he was third with 22 percent. By Wednesday, just 19 percent of those surveyed said they supported Cain for the nomination.