Remember how awful gluten - free baked goods used to taste?  I think we all try not to remember the tasteless flavor and tough texture you had to put up with if you were sensitive to gluten products.

However, thanks to Babycakes, N.Y.C. the gluten-free scene has come to life with flavor to ensure ever increasing health and a satisfaction for that sweet tooth.  At Babycakes, N.Y.C. there are vegan and gluten-free cookies, pies, cakes and other baked goods.  Babycakes has three branches (Manhattan, Los Angeles and Orlando), and to make this company even more of a sensation they deliver!

Founder Erin McKenna's cake doughnuts are bursting with so much flavor that you would never guess they are gluten-free.  Ever since researchers discovered that gluten in wheat, barley, and rye causes health problems, gluten-free product have been high in the demand the past few years.

Even those who are not sensitive to wheat products are smitten over Babycakes.  Erin McKenna even has two cookbooks published to show the public how to be gluten-free without sacrificing flavor.  Move over Pillsbury, here comes Babycakes!