A common concern among GMAT test prep students at Knewton is what to read in preparation for the Reading Comprehension section. While the RC is more focused on reference than it is on real reading, it can never hurt to practice your reading skills, especially if you've been working too hard to pick up a book or magazine. The following is a list of suggestions from Knewton tutors for great ways to get in some real-world reading comprehension practice

1. Magazines and Newspapers:

GMAT Reading Comprehension  passages tend to be closer in tone and length to Magazine, newspaper and journal articles than to full-length books. Since each article you read is also about a different topic, reading these publications will also help you develop the ability to pick up the main idea, purpose and attitude of the article within a few hundred words, a key skill on the GMAT.

An extra perk: all of the magazines and papers listed below have websites or web archives - many of which are free - that can be accessed without leaving the computer.



Humanities/General Interest

2. Books

Knewton GMAT teachers recommend that you choose books that cover a wide variety of material in relatively short bursts, rather than those that encourage long, sustained reading in which you must remember lots of information. Although just about any high-level reading will help hone your reading skills, short, focused, reading on a variety of topics mirrors the reading comprehension skills tested on the GMAT.

Lastly, if you want to get a head start on business-centric reading, here is an excellent list of business books from Inc. Magazine. Practice reading while learning business; the best of both worlds!


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