Godfrey Bloom, a British member of the European Parliament and the United Kingdom Independence Party, has found racism-fueled controversy again after he hit a Channel 4 political reporter Michael Crick over the head with a party brochure when Crick asked him why there were no black faces on the literature.

“What a racist comment is that? How dare you? That’s an appalling thing to say. You’re picking people out for the color of their skin. You disgust me. Get out of my way,” Bloom fumed in front of British television cameras when Crick asked a question about the lack of diversity of Ukip’s candidates during the party’s annual conference in London on Friday titled “Women In Politics.” You can watch the meltdown here.

“What’s appalling about making that point?” Crick asked.

“You, sir, are a racist,” Bloom responded before calling Crick “a disgrace” and hitting him on the head with the brochure.

The incident with the reporter wasn’t the only controversy Bloom found Friday. He also reportedly referred to women at the event as “sluts.”

When two female party members joked about not cleaning behind a refrigerator at the conference, Bloom said, “This place is full of sluts,” according to Sky News.

Bloom, 63, didn’t think he said anything controversial, the new station reported.

"I made a joke and said 'oh well, you're all sluts' and everybody laughed and all the women laughed," he said. "Was there a single woman in there who didn't laugh at the joke?"

Bloom is also no stranger to racism-related controversy. The politician took heat last month when he referred to countries receiving foreign aid as “Bongo Bongo Land.” The remark was derided for being racist, but Bloom claimed that was not his intent.

“It’s a figment of everybody’s imagination now, so there is no country, which means I’m not quite sure how I could have offended anybody about a country which doesn’t exist,” he said at the time, according to the Guardian. “The point I was really making ... was we spend 1 billion pounds a month on foreign aid. We don’t know where most of it goes. There’s no serious audit trail, and I’ve got people here in my constituency waiting for dialysis machines, cancer treatment.”