Old is Gold - going verbal on this well-known saying, it would surly fetch gold for you getting older. As gold prices are hovering at historic peak levels giving lucrative opportunity for investors to create wealth for their present, it has proved to be one of the best instruments for securing after-retirement life with gold coin investments.

So far how has your IRA transfer or 401k rollover retirement investment schemes been performing? According to the Global Gold Group, if your account was a gold investment, such as gold bullion coins, your gold IRA retirement account would be up more than 400 percent in the past few years while protecting your retirement investment long-term against the rate of inflation.

Retirement accounts, such as IRA transfers and 401k rollovers invested in gold coins are a smart way to beat inflation, said Tony Brace with Global Gold Group. Gold is now near a record high over $1200 per ounce and the smart retirement investor knows that the strong retirement returns over the past few years came from gold IRA investments - such as gold bullion coins.

The Global Gold Group makes it easy to convert your IRA transfer or 401k rollover into a smart gold IRA account with gold bullion coins. Their handy Investment Gold Guide and convenient portfolio reviews are available for free at www.aglobalcurrency.com.

We can show you how easy it is to reduce the risk of inflation by strategically owning a portfolio of gold bullion coins as investments in your IRA transfer or 401k rollover retirement accounts, Brace said. According to him, Gold Bullion and Pre-1933 Gold Coins are Great Ways to Buy Gold for Investments. Now's the time to start investing in gold before the prices go up higher as inflation increases and investors rush to buy gold, such as the pre-1933 gold coins. he added.