The Golden Globe Awards ceremony has honored a number of memorable movies over the years.

The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Ceremony Sunday night saw movies like The Descendants and The Artist winning the awards for the Best Drama and Best Comedy or Musical respectively. However, there are a number of startling facts which may or may not be known to the world about these award winning movies.

Here is a list of some interesting facts about the top 10 Golden Globe winning movies:

10. Rocky: Rocky, starring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, arrived in 1976 and won the Golden Globe for Best Drama. The movie depicted the story of a struggling boxer, Balboa, trying to make a living working as a debt collector for a pittance. He gets the chance of his lifetime when heavyweight champion Apollo Creed visits Philadelphia and an exhibition match is held between Creed and Balboa.

Did You Know That  - Rocky was shot in just 28 days? Adrian's last name was Klein in the original script? The photos on Rocky's mirror are actual photos of Stallone as a young boy? The movie was the first sports film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture?

9. Lawrence of Arabia: Lawrence of Arabia is about the classic reflection on a colorful and controversial British military figure, Thomas Edward Lawrence, and his clashing loyalties during wartime service. It is the story of an extremely complex man who has been labeled everything from a hero, to charlatan, to a sadist. The movie, which say actor Peter O'Toole as T.E. Lawrence, was released in 1962 and won the Golden Globe for Best Drama.

Did You Know That - almost all movement in the film goes from left to right, and director David Lean said he did this to emphasize that the film was a journey? Although the movie is 227 minutes long, it has no women in speaking roles, and is reportedly the longest film not to have any dialog spoken by a woman?

8. The Apartment: The Apartment tells the story of a struggling clerk in a big New York insurance company who tries to rise in his company by letting the company's executives use his apartment for trysts with their mistresses. The clerk, Bud Baxter (Jack Lemmon), however, falls in love with Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine), a pretty elevator operator, but is heartbroken when he finds out that Fran is actually the girlfriend of his boss Jeff Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray). The movie arrived in 1960 and won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Drama.

Did You Know That - the C.C. in C.C. Baxter is short for Calvin Clifford? The film's classic last line was thought up by the writers at the last minute on-set? Twelve different cities are mentioned in the movie: New York, Karachi in Pakistan, Natchez, Kansas City, Seattle, White Plains, Havana in Cuba, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Reno, Denver, and Atlantic City.

7. The Bridge on the River Kwai: The movie shows the story of British PoWs during World War II who are ordered to build a bridge to hold the Burma-Siam railway. Although their instinct is to sabotage the bridge, under the leadership of Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness), they are persuaded that the bridge should be constructed as a symbol of British morale, spirit and dignity in adverse circumstances. The movie, released in 1957, won the Golden Globe for the Best Drama.

Did You Know That - after the final scene was shot, producer Sam Spiegel shipped the film footage on five different planes to minimize the risk of loss? At one point during filming, director David Lean nearly drowned when he was swept away by a river current and Geoffrey Horne (who played Lt. Joyce) saved his life?

6. The Sound of Music: Directed by Robert Wise, The Sound of Music was released in 1965. It won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy. The movie talks about a young woman, Maria (Julie Andrews) who leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of a naval officer widower, Captain George Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), and fall in love with each other in time.

Did You Know That - Kym Karath (Gretl) swallowed too much water upon falling out of the rowboat, and threw up on Heather Menzies-Urich (Louisa)? Julie Andrews nearly turned down the role of Maria Von Trapp, fearing the character was too similar to her role in Mary Poppins? The movie ranked second in the UK's Ultimate Film, in which films were placed in order of how many seats they sold at cinemas?

5. Around the World in Eighty Days: An adaptation of one of Jules Verne's most famous novels, Around the World in Eighty Days talks about a Victorian Englishman, Phileas Fogg (David Niven), who accepts a challenge from his fellow members at the Reform Club, and sets off to prove that he can travel around the world in an amazing 80 days. The movie hit the theaters in 1956 and won the Golden Globe for the Best Drama.

Did You Know That - the barge used in Bangkok belonged to the King of Thailand, who lent it to producer Michael Todd? This was the third Best Picture Oscar winner shot in a widescreen format? Two major episodes in the film that do not appear in the novel are the arrival in Spain by gas balloon and the bullfighting scene?

4. Ben-Hur: Probably one of the greatest movies in the history of cinema, Ben-Hur shows the story of Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston), a rich Jewish prince in the beginning of the first century. Ben-Hur is later betrayed and sent into slavery by friend Messala (Stephen Boyd), who also imprisons Judah's mother and sister. Judah swears that he would come back for revenge. The movie Hur won the Golden Globe for the Best Drama in 1959.

Did You Know That - the film used over 1,000,000 props? The chariot race has a 263-to-1 cutting ratio (263 feet of film for every one foot kept), probably the highest for any 65mm sequence ever filmed? MGM acquired over 40 scripts for the film? It was the first remake to win the Oscar for Best Picture and The Departed became the second remake to do so after 47 years?

3. A Beautiful Mind: The story is about John Nash (Russell Crowe), a famed mathematician, and his long struggle with mental health. After he accepts secret work in cryptography, his life turns nightmarish. But later in 1994, Nash receives the Nobel Prize in Economics. A Beautiful Mind was awarded the Golden Globe in 2001 for the Best Drama.

Did you Know That - Originally Tom Cruise was considered to play John Nash? The Harvard scene is actually filmed at Manhattan College? The movie was named as one of The 20 Most Overrated Movies Of All Time by Premiere?

2. Schindler's List: The movie depicts the story of a vainglorious and greedy German businessman Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) who becomes a humanitarian and feels compelled to turn his factory into a refuge for Jews amid the Nazi reign during the Second World War. The movie is based on the true story of Oskar Schindler who managed to save about 1,100 Jews from being gassed to death at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Schindler's List won the Golden Globe for Best Drama in 1993.

Did You Know That - it is the most expensive black & white film ever made to date, and the previous record was held for over 30 years by another World War II film, The Longest Day? About 40 percent of the film was shot using a handheld camera? The film's tagline Whoever saves one life saves the world entire is a quotation from the Talmud?

1. The Godfather: The Godfather won the Golden Globe for Best Drama in 1972. The story, based on the book by Mario Puzo, depicts how an ageing patriarch of an organized crime dynasty, Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando), transfers control of his concealed empire to his unwilling son. However, problems arise when the Don's old world values and the new ways clash.

Did You Know That - a promotional board game titled The Godfather Game was released in 1971? The early buzz on the film was so positive that a sequel was planned before the film was finished filming? The movie's line I'll make him an offer he can't refuse was ranked as number 10 in The 100 Greatest Movie Lines by Premiere in 2007?