The Golden State Warriors have played three preseason games, and four more on the way, as they make their final cuts before their season opener on Oct. 25 against the San Antonio Spurs.

The next three games are on the road, with the Warriors facing the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center on Friday, followed by two games with the Los Angeles Lakers at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, Oct. 15, then at Valley View Casino Center in San Diego on Oct. 19, which will be broadcasted on ESPN. The Warriors close out the preseason at home on Friday, Oct. 21 against the Portland Trail Blazers. 

Stever Kerr's squad defeated the Sacramento Kings on Thursday, 105-96, with starters Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green playing 25 or 26 minutes. But the bottom of the roster is where things will get interesting before the start of the season, with Kerr looking at a number of players to fill out the end of the bench. (Teams must carry a minimum of 13 players, 12 active plus one inactive, and the NBA guarantees an average of at least 14 players per team.)

Curry, Durant, Thompson, Green, Zaza Pachulia, Andre Igoudala, Shaun Livingston, David West are locks. Anderson Verejao is a well-liked veteran forward but may be considered expendable.

The bottom roster includes Ian Clark, James McAdoo and Kevon Looney, while first-round pick Damian Jones, is also expected to make the team. But there is also veteran center JaVale McGee. Elliott Williams, a journeyman shooting guard, and second-round draft pick swingman Patrick McCaw, are also considerations.

Warriors executive Jerry West praised McCaw after the draft. "People are gonna be sorry they didn't draft him."

A big consideration is points off the bench, while the Warriors are loaded with center depth. Golden State will likely put extra emphasis on athleticism on the perimeter.

Here is a look at the full preseason roster.

Ian Clark    

Elgin Cook    

Stephen Curry   

Kevin Durant    

Draymond Green 

Andre Iguodala  

Cameron Jones   

Damian Jones   

Shaun Livingston    

Kevon Looney  

James Michael McAdoo    

Patrick McCaw    

JaVale McGee    

Zaza Pachulia    

Phil Pressey    

Klay Thompson    

Anderson Varejao    

David West    

Elliot Williams    

Scott Wood