The Twitter-verse was abuzz with the New York Times op-ed in which a Goldman Sachs employee vents about his company and reasons for leaving.

To put the problem in the simplest terms, the interests of the client continue to be sidelined in the way the firm operates and thinks about making money, wrote Greg Smith.

The phrases #GoldmanSachs and #GregSmith began trending on Twitter nationwide with people voicing their opinion on Smith and Goldman Sachs.

Many individuals support Smith, as they cited controversies in the company.

Throw Them Deuces Up: Goldman Sachs executive director Greg Smith, torching the place on his way out, wrote N'Gai Croal.

Can I have Greg Smith's stapler?, wrote Downtown Josh Brown, making an obvious reference to Office Space.  

Wow- who sez there's no heart left in big banking? Goldman Sachs exec directr GREG SMITH resigns, Mad Men style, wrote Twitter user Christina Twomey.

Greg Smith, wow you are a role model for many people now. Hats off,

Good Guy Greg Smith. Works on Wall Street. Doesn't want to maximize profits at clients expense, wrote Twitter user Ben Kendall.

Greg Smith: in this wicked world, someone still believes in ethics. Young people may not know the meaning of: teamwork, integrity, hum..., wrote Twitter user Fernando Sicilia.

Had a boss that would SCREAM at me. Always said if I had money, I could have ethics-tell him,no more I quit Good for Greg Smith, wrote Twitter user APolishGirl.

However, there were some individuals that were a little skeptical of Smith and reaceted negatively to his article.

Greg Smith doesnt have courage or values in leaving GS; just a nice bank acct,his 2012 bonus & free publicity as a faux hero. WAKE UP!  wrote Twitter user J'vona Ivory.

#1: I bet Greg Smith doesn't know shit about 'guy code' either, wrote the Twitter handle with a cult following and over 200,000 followers, GSElevator.

Others saw Smith's actions as a public relations move for his future endeavors.

Goldman Sachs executive has Jerry Maguire moment. Interesting read. Probably just PR to set up his own firm though..., wrote Twitter user John Allison.

And, of course, many people came out Tweeting humorous statements about the article.

My new table tennis instructor says he used to work at Goldman Sachs?, wrote Twitter user Rob Delany.

About 600 reporters now wishing Greg Smith had a less-common name, wrote Twitter user Charles Forelle.

 Greg Smith, Goldman Sachs letter = Don Draper, Tobacco clients letter, wrote Twitter user Meg Fowler Tripp.