Is Cary (Matt Czuchry) gay? That is what fans of CBS' "The Good Wife" have been asking since evidence was introduced in the Season 7 premiere. A few cryptic beats later on in the season added fuel to the fan theory's fire. Now, however, executive producer Robert King, is making a motion to dismiss the apparently unfounded rumor. 

“We liked how Cary was out of step in trying to get in touch with the newest generation coming into the law firm,” King told TVLine, asserting that Cary's potentially intimate moment in the premiere with junior lawyer Dirk (Phillip Shinn) was exactly what it had appeared to be -- a misunderstanding.

“He wanted to belong and he wanted them to feel like they belonged. And of course it’s misinterpreted by the young associate as a come-on," says King. 

The confusion began in the Oct. 4, premiere when Cary paid Dirk a visit to inform him that the partners had passed on an idea that Dirk had pitched. Cary was hoping to foster a better relationship with the firm's underlings. 

“I don’t want you to give up on pitching new things, so just come to me and I’ll walk it in with you," Cary advised, adding," if you need anything, I'm here," with a friendly tone that certainly left a little wiggle room for misinterpretation. Dirk responded by placing his hand on Cary's, causing the senior partner to pull away. 

“It’s just the way you were talking,” argued Dirk.

Watch the scene from the season 7 premiere below:

The issue was reintroduced in a later episode when Dirk came to Cary's office to apologize, awkwardly promising that he was not, in fact, gay. Fans will have to wait for Season 7 to return on Jan. 10 to see if the storyline develops any further. 

Meanwhile, fans are still reeling from Eli's (Alan Cumming's) midseason finale confession to Alicia (Julianna Margulies) Sunday that he had erased a voicemail from the late Will Gardner (Josh Charles) from her phone in Season 1 in which he confessed his love for her -- a fact that would have led to chaos in the campaign Eli was running for Alicia's husband. Fans will have to wait to see the fallout from the lie. 

"The Good Wife" returns to CBS with the Season 7 midseason premiere on Jan. 10.