Pixel and Pixel XL owners may have been surprised to see when their handsets received a new update this week after getting the November security patch early this month. However, it’s good that they installed the new update because it comes with new features. 

According to 9To5Google, Pixel and Pixel XL devices received an OTA update this Tuesday, and it is one that is labeled as “Security Update + Bug Fixes” as revealed by owners on one of the smartphones’ support sites. The OTA update has a build number of NPF26J, and it clocked in at 261 MB. 

Per the users who got the update, the new Android 7.1 update comes with two new features. The first one refers to the double-tap command that enables the ambient screen to switch on, so users can see if they have notifications. To fully turn on the display, users should still tap the power button. 

Meanwhile, the second feature still has to do with notifications. Instead of tapping the device’s display, however, this new feature switches the ambient screen on when the owner has lifted his or her phone up. This makes it easier for users to check notifications without unlocking the Pixel or the Pixel XL.

Though the new features are good additions to the operating system of Google’s brand new flagship smartphones, they may have just been accidentally leaked by Google. PhoneArena says the clear proof for this claim is the “P” in the build number. The “P” reportedly stands for Preview build, so it wasn’t supposed to be seeded over-the-air.

Google has yet to comment on this, so it is still unknown whether the features were really intended to be rolled out via a Preview build. What’s only clear for now is that the new update is only available to Pixel and Pixel XL handsets from Canadian carriers.