Google is teaming up with the National Security Agency in order to investigate the recent hack attack against its network in a bid to prevent another assault, according to The Washington Post.

The negotiation aims to define the ways in which Google can share relevant network security information without violating privacy laws or Google policies.

The internet search giant is working on an agreement with the controversial agency to determine the attacker’s methods and what Google can do to shore up its network.

Sources assured the Post that the deal does not mean the NSA will have access to users’ searches or e-mail communications and accounts.

Dennis C. Blair, Director of National Intelligence told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that U.S. critical infrastructure is severely threatened by cyber attacks and said the attack on Google was a wake-up call to those who have not taken this problem seriously.

Blair urged for cooperation between the government and private sector when it comes to avoiding security risks. Blair said he wanted to stress that, acting independently, neither the U.S. Government nor the private sector can fully control or protect the country's information infrastructure.