Google’s new social networking site Google+ will take a long time to catch up with Facebook, which boasts a following of more than 500 million active users.

It would probably make more sense for Google+ to target Twitter, which is more like a broadcasting platform. The friends connecting network has already spun its web to a large extent.

Google can play its card by serving the publishers on search engine optimization to increase the ranking on Google searches. That is the key interest of publishers, to drive traffic.

By posting content on Google+, the publicity of the article increases as it goes up in search rankings.

Google has the potential to replace Twitter, which has 21 million active publishers, by getting organizations and celebrities to encourage Google+ on their Web sites as well as pushing posts to the legions of Google users while they are in Search, Gmail and YouTube.

Twitter has a list of loopholes that opens more opportunities for its baby rival to ouster its platform.

Content posted on Twitter is available to public access, and anyone can follow anyone else. To follow a conversation and respond to a tweet, it needs to be linked to its parent tweet, and every tweet requires to be able to find its offspring tweets.

But Facebook offers a private social network, making content available to friends, Google+ revolves its service around circles -- which enables the users to make the content accessible to their chosen circle. Circles are a slew of thumbnail images of friends and contacts which Google suggests you might want in your social network.

Twitter search doesn’t dereference URLs, so you can’t search for references to a particular article. Unlike Google search, it doesn’t carry certain search features like spelling corrections and ‘did you mean’ queries.

Google+’s integration with Google account also drives the users to spend more time on its new site.

If you are browsing through Google-powered sites and a little red notification pops up on the top-right of your browser window, a friend has added you in his/her circles, or an acquaintance has shared some interesting links, or someone has commented on a photo you have shared, your reflex will make you click on it -- and the next moment you are on a video chat with your friend in Google+.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced about the company’s plans to launch something new next week. But Twitter must be regretting turning down Google’s earlier offer to buy the company for $10 billion.

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