Google Chrome 12, launched on Tuesday, is said to be more secure while it takes care of user privacy and features improved graphics.

The new version of Chrome patches 15 security vulnerabilities. Google’s Safe Browsing malware detection functionality has also been improved. Chrome will not only safeguard users from malware and phishing sites but will also warn users before downloading any malicious files, according to the official Google Chrome blog. This feature is only available for the Windows version of Chrome at the moment.

In addition, the new version of Chrome has the ability to delete Flash cookies, which is known to be abused by some websites to track users. Users have control over the data that websites may store on their computers, inclusive of Flash Player’s Local Shared Objects, reported techshout.

Chrome is the first to take advantage of new APIs released by Adobe. It also has additional support for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics on selected platforms which can be seen by users who visit web pages and apps implementing 3D effects.