This weekend could bring ground breaking records to Google as the giant search engine’s new social network Google+ is expected to reach about 20 million users by July 17, 2011.

Within two weeks from its launch, Google+ had reached over 10 million users and according to a latest estimate, the profiles will double by Sunday.

Though Google is yet to officially announce its actual number of users, the estimate reveals that more than 1 million people on an average are signing up on Google+ every day since its launch on June 28.

“I project that Google could reach 20 million user by this coming weekend if they keep the Invite Button available,” Paul Allen, an entrepreneur who analyzed and estimates the Google+ user base, posted on his Google+ account.

Google+ is being compared to Facebook in terms of features, but the look and feel of the new social network, plus additional features such as Circles and Hangouts give it an edge over Facebook.

Google+ is still in its beta and trial version and is in invite-only mode.

If the user base continues to expand at the similar rate, Google+ will soon surpass Facebook’s 750 million users, he said.

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