The first day rush to join Google Plus was described insane by Google. We've shut down invite mechanism for the night. Insane demand, Google's head of social Vic Gundotra announced on the service. 

Was it just the curiosity? Maybe not. Google's timing for introducing a fresh experience in online social networking is impeccable.  If 2008 saw Facebook growing beyond industry expectations, 2011 saw saturated markets like the U.S. and Canada getting ready for something different and new.

If you are planning a switch, the first thing (of course after an invite) is importing your Facebook friends' list to Google+. Unfortunately, Google+ isn't offering a direct import of friends from Facebook. However, there is an easy way to do it with the options currently available.

Step 1: Sign Up for Google Plus and click on View and edit on top right.

Step 2: Click on Find and Invite which will show up options to add friends from Yahoo contact list and from your Windows Live Hotmail account.


Step 3: Open your Yahoo e-mail account or Windows Live hotmail inbox and export your Facebook contacts to Windows Live Hotmail account.


Step 4: Go to Contacts and click on Manage. Click on Export option.

Alternative: Those who don't have a Yahoo or Windows live account can use this Google Chrome extension to export the email addresses of Facebook friends.


Step 5: Go to Google+ profile, Find and Invite tab and click on either Yahoo or Windows Live Hotmail icon. (Refer Step 2 screen shot)

Step 6: Sign in to your Yahoo or Windows Live account and permit Google+ to connect your Yahoo account with your Google+ profile.


Step 7: Once the authorization is granted, the e-mail addresses of all your Facebook friends will be added to your Google+ account.

Step 8: Now you can start dragging and dropping friends to different circles on Google+.

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