Google's social networking site Google+ on Monday released a new update to Apple iOS app to support the iPad and iPod Touch, following the last month's launch of Google+ app for iPhone users.

Along with fixing iPod Touch & iPad support compatibility, the update adds a settings tweak for Huddle, Circles and Notifications and includes performance and stability improvements.

Users have more control over their conversation, such as hiding or muting Huddles. The Circles allow users to share the right things with just the right people.

Previously, Google+ was criticized for the lack of an iOS app when it was launched. At that moment, Google promised they had submitted the app to Apple. Finally, Google+ app for iPhone was launched in the middle of July and quickly topped the the list of App Store's top free apps.

The Google+ still does not work on the developer beta version of Apple's iOS 5, which is expected to be released within one or two months. But Google might not give up this opportunity to gain more users than before.

In its first month, Google+ users has got about 25 million members, while Facebook and Twitter have 750 million and 200 million registered users, respectively. According to reports, Google+ will surpass Twitter and LinkedIn as the No. 2 social media network within one year.

Apple on Sunday had released the latest beta version of iOS 5, the latest iteration of its mobile operating system to developers. Apple said the iOS 5 will be released in this fall, but the company declined to give any details.

It is believed that iOS 5 will come before iPhone 5 so that iPhone 5 can be sold pre-installed with the latest operating system.