Google+ may be undergoing some changes, perhaps as soon as later this, week in response to complaints and suggestions from users of the two-week=old social network.

In a blog written by Vic Gundotra, a senior vice president of engineering at Google, he told his readers that the company has received a lot of feedback on Google+ and the company will respond to them by changing some aspects of the system.

Lots of criticism for Google+, Gundotra wrote. We are listening and working to address. Stay tuned for changes this week.
Hundreds of Google+ users responded to Gundotra’s comments.

Here are some of them:
“Lots of criticism, maybe, but I see a lot more love in the outside world, everyone here is so excited we're [driving] people nuts on every other platform.”

“[Facebook] is still the prettiest girl at the dance for the masses, G+ is more thinking man's crumpet.”

“Thanks to all of you for this amazing new toy, tool and plane of existence!”

“Go-Go-Go G+! I trust Google & +Larry Page waaaay more thank +Mark Zuckerberg with my social data. Wishing you continued success with the roll-out +Vic Gundotra don't take the criticism to heart.”

I'm glad we're able to be a part of the formative stages of Google+.”

I was not able to figure out things when I started. There should be a private messaging option in G+.”

Does instant upload work for u guys? My photos never show up.

“G+ is great, I love this without all the publicity... but when u post a video or a image is a [little] messy how this looks like, I would like to have the options to select the large of the photo or the proportions from a video.”

It would also be great if I could put circles within circles.”

Sometimes you just want to merge circles. No easy way to do that.