Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) is in talks to acquire video game advertising firm Adscape Media Inc, seeking to extend the search titan's advertising platform beyond traditional but lucrative Internet offerings.

In addition to the advertising links that which helped the firm become on of investors most coveted technology companies, Google has been expanding into newspaper advertisements and radio. As recently as December the firm began testing a new radio ad service, implementing technology acquired from its $102 million purchase of dMarc Broadcasting last year.

If it acquires Adscape, Google will have the ability to stream advertisements from the web into video game billboards and products in real time.

Terms being discussed were unknown, the news report said. However Microsoft Corp. acquired a similar company, Massive Inc. for nearly $200 million in 2006.

In the report, a Google spokesman would not comment on any talks, but noted that the company is always looking for new opportunities to benefit users, advertisers and publishers, with in-game ads being one possibility among many.

Shares of Google were down in afternoon trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange, falling 1.82 percent, or $8.92 to 480.67.