Google's upcoming Galaxy Nexus tablet is slanted for a spring release date, and a new image that surfaced on the Internet may give fans a sneak preview. PocketNow revealed a photo of a sleek and slim media device, sporting a red sparkling backdrop with a few Google apps speckled across its screen.

There has been no confirmation that this image is the actual product, but several clues indicate that it could be the Nexus tablet. One of the most believable giveaways is the iconic Ice Cream Sandwich soft keys and the presence of Google-only apps, excluding any third-party widgets.

The sides of the device indicate that a there is a USB port, SIM card slot and possibly a full-sized SD card slot. The image also indicates that a port allowing for keyboard dock connection may also be found on the tablet.

However, there are a couple of factors that work against the theory that this could be the Nexus tablet. The inch displayed looks closer to a 10-inch than a seven-inch, which is the rumored screen size. Also, the Market icon has not yet been replaced with the Play Store, but this could just be because the render is a little old. After examining the image, Android Community also pointed out that it contains a strange combination of power and volume buttons at the top of the device.

Tech news site Tom's Guide reported last week that Google plans to launch a web-based tablet store that will sell third party products as well as its own. Asus and Samsung are both said to create the co-branded Nexus tablets, although some have said that Asus will manufacture the first Google Experience tablet. Google's Nexus tablet is said to cost around $199, but nothing has been confirmed.  More information is expected during Google's I/O conference in June.


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