Google rolled out its Photovine app on iTunes Wednesday, spreading its wings in the social networking market through this free photo sharing app.

In Photovine, users can browse through vines, or shared collections of photos grouped by a single caption. You can add photos to the existent vines and let them grow.

Interestingly, however, the app is not open to Google's Android mobile OS but exclusively exists on the iOS platform. Furthermore, Google+ has not been integrated with the app, while the photos can be shared via Facebook and Twitter as well as through email.

Jay Greene of CNet suggests the reason as the developer of Photovine being the team from Slide, a social-media company Google acquired last year.

While the photos are open to the public to browse, those following specific users will receive the snaps automatically in their feed.

Google provides an official video to explain how it works:



The main features of Photovine app include:

- Browse vines, no approval necessary

- Join your photo to an existent vine

- Create a vine

- Follow people

- Social sharing

- Loop your friends into a vine by notifying them


Photovine App (Apple iTunes Store)