Google Voice Mobile App has been released for BlackBerry and Android devices, giving users the convenience of making outgoing calls from a Google Voice number.

Google received a lot of feedback since they started to sent invitations to people who signed up to test the Google Voice, a service based on technology from GrandCentral which Google took control in 2007.

Google Voice gives end-users one phone number for home, work and mobile-phone numbers. It gives controls allowing the users to have specific callers ring a particular phone.

Through the test invitation feedback Google said that among the most requested features are tools to make placing outgoing calls from your Google Voice number easier.

Previously, to place a call using Google Voice, you had to dial your own Google Voice number from your cell phone or use the Quick Call button online. With this new mobile app, you can make calls and send SMS messages with your Google Voice number directly from your mobile phone. The app is fully integrated with each phone’s contacts, so you can call via Google Voice straight from your address book, Vincent Paquet, Google Voice Team and Marcus Foster, Google Mobile Team wrote on Google official blog.

Then new Google Voice App for BlackBerry and Android Devices will turn smartphones into centralized system for managing low-cost phone calls, Voicemail and eve all the users’ contacts.