Google started with a new feature for Google Calendar users, which makes it easy to publish appointment on a public forum so that collaborators can pick and choose the convenient times for them.

The appointment slots are shown on a booking page which can either be embedded on your website or shared with clients or colleagues.

To create appointment slots in Google Calendar, you just have to click anywhere on your calendar and then on Appointment slots.” Then you can create a single block of time or split it into smaller chunks, depending on the time your appointment usually takes.

After you have your appointment slots set up and shared, visitors to your sign-up page will see their calendar overlaid over your slots. Once someone signs up to one of your appointment slots, a shared event is created and added to both yours and the other person's calendar.

At Google, many people are already using appointment slots to manage their office hours or even schedule appointments with on-site fitness instructors, Google software engineer Irene Chung explained in a blog post. I'm pretty excited to tell my hairdresser about it, she added.

The new appointment slot feature was rolled out on Monday and will be accessible to all the users in the coming days.