Google announced new software tools for its Android operating system for smartphones on Tuesday, just ahead of Motorola's Droid cell phone for Verizon Wireless.

The code-named Eclair version of Android includes features like Android Search which allows users to search their own phone and web at the same time, text-to-speech support which is supposed to be integrated with Google voice, Gesture Support which lets users draw a letter to instantly show contacts whose name start with that letter and support for CDMA networks.

The Android 2.0 web browser will support HTML5, and allow users to zoom in by double-tapping on the screen. The virtual keyboard will be faster and more accurate, Google said.

Many of these features will be rolled out in Verizon Wireless’ Droid phone, made by Motorola. That phone has caused stir as yet another “iPhone killer” and it launches on Wednesday.

The Google Android release fixes problems in earlier designs, with things like improved camera controls that allow for digital zoom. The virtual keyboard will be faster and more accurate.

Google has a short video demonstration some of the new features in Android 2.0: