Google unveiled the new Chromebook at the I/O conference which took place earlier this week in San Francisco. The computer-like object may give top companies, such as Apple, a run for their money.

The Chromebook is not supposed to be a computer, and it's not really like a tablet. It's essentially the web packed together in a computer like body. There are no programs, it has no desktop, and most notably -- no stored documents. Since there is nothing to technically start up, the Chromebook will turn on in 8 quick seconds.

And if you happen to lose your Chromebook by placing it on your car and driving off (as carelessly as we do with our morning coffee,) you will still have all your documents saved in cyberspace. This is thanks to one of the best attributes that the Chromebook offers, 'cloud computing.'

Watch the video introducing the all new Chromebook and tell us what you think.