Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is known for having fun with the holidays, and this year Google is using the Knowledge Graph to bring a little Halloween spirit to its search results. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company has hidden Easter eggs, or "Halloween treats," among search results to give users some trick-or-treat fun.

When a user searches for spooky terms like “zombie” or “evil robot,” Google will return a knowledge card on the right side of the screen with some fun facts about the supernatural beings. A search for “zombie,” for example, will show users that ghosts feed on “human flesh, preferably brains” and provide some helpful tips on how to avoid or defeat them (“go for the head").

The “People also search for" feature has also been renamed “Creatures also lurch for” in these Halloween treats, and it brings up some pretty entertaining related searches.

Scroll down for nine Halloween treats IBTimes has found hidden in Google searches.

  1. 1. Ghost
  3. [[nid:1448264]]
  5. 2. Zombie
  7. [[nid:1448278]]
  8. 3. Evil Robot
  10. [[nid:1448276]]
  11. 4. Werewolf
  12. [[nid:1448274]]
  13. 5. Vampire
  14. [[nid:1448272]]
  15. 6. Grim Reaper
  16. [[nid:1448270]]
  17. 7. Skeleton
  18. [[nid:1448268]]
  19. 8. Witch
  20. [[nid:1448266]]
  21. 9. Mummy
  22. [[nid:1448332]]


Have you come across any other hidden Halloween treats in your Google searches? Let us know in the comments.