Google announced earlier this year that they plan to increase their hiring efforts by adding over 6,200 new employees. The Mountain View company kept its word by leasing a new campus as huge as 630,000 square feet. This marks Google's third campus which will be an addition to their 19 acre property on Charleston Road.

Starting January 1, 2012, Google will lease the premium corporate space known as The Quad located on Ellis street. The owner of The Quad, Keenan Lovewell Ventures, commented on the new deal with the Internet giant.

We had two other major companies interested in our project, and we had been in discussions with them for several months, and then Google came along and was much more intense. They were ready to make a commitment -- a specific commitment -- very quickly, and that's why we ended up making a deal with them, said John Lovewell, partner at Keenan Lovewell Ventures, the owner of The Quad campus on Ellis Street.

With additional large campuses confirmed, Google is going to have enough space for extra hires. In 2010, 4,500 employees joined the company. In 2011, the Internet giant plans to hire 6,200 new employees, of which one third will be from the Bay Area.

In total, Google's campus includes over 65 buildings sitting on over 98 acres. However, Google is still looking for even more space and will possibly lease a couple of more new buildings around the new Quad campus formerly occupied by Nokia.