Midst of the cyber security issues with preserving personal data and confidential information in the recent past, Google has launched ‘Me on the Web’ to monitor on sensitive details.

If you have an email account with Google, you have to set an e-mail alert, which will be sent as soon as personal information about you appears online.

Google has no concept of private cloud platform, so by putting in your data in Google to have an account, you are posting data in their public profile.

“This is just one of our first steps in continuing to explore ways to help make managing your identity online simpler,” Google product manager Andreas Tuerk wrote in a blog post.

When personal information is posted online, for example, LulzSec hacking group recently posted 26,000 e-mail addresses they claim to have reaped from pornographic websites, Google alert can prompt it right away.

'Me on the Web' is exactly the same as the existing Google Alerts service, which sends users e-mails whenever a specific search query is encountered by Google's bots.

However, 'Me on the Web' is part of the Google Dashboard, by which users configure their accounts, so it is more obvious and accessible.

Though not a far-fetched security measure, this should help Google's gmail users to some extent.