The Converse-commissioned, star-studded 13-minute Gorillaz banger DoYaThing has been making the rounds lately; a new video started appearing today. Fitting for the cartoon band of Damon Albarn and co, it's a disorienting CG excursion through the apparently hungover morning of 2D and his cohorts. There's a ton of Gorillaz history and ephemera for the eyecandy taking here--so much so you might get a little lost in it all. Check it out:

These are the Easter Eggs I dug out of the muck.

The Band's Address If any of the destruction rampant in the apartment came as a surprise, it didn't really surprise 2D when he's served with an eviction notice. The address? 212 Wobble Street, London, SW21 7QJ. This must be a code of some kind, one that we will crack. Internet, this is a call to arms. [EDIT] A sly reader informs this under-informed writer that wobble is a very specific bass sound akin to the wubwub of dubstep. The writer was aware of the variation of dance known as the wobble. [FURTHER EDIT] 212 is a NYC area code. SW21 is a satellite dish switcher thing. 7QJ does bring up weird british address stuff writes one dilligent reader.

Those Converse Shoes Show Up Everywhere Look it's fine. I'm somehow alright with Converse sucking up all its street cred in product placement if this is the result of the brand's efforts. You'll see the first of the pair--that the band actually designed for Converse--of shoes appear right when 2D wakes up. The other makes a more immediate appearance when Murdoc hits 2D in the face with the fancy footwear over breakfast.

Russel's Cameo(s) 2D, getting more and more confused with his morning goes in to wake up the homie Noodle, but dude is asleep in bed with a grip of idols: namely a ceramic pig's head and some adobe statues. And above the sleeping one's head? A little figurine of Gorillaz's drummer Russel Hobbs. This is not just endearing; this is friendship, people! Also, you can buy one. Russel also chills on the roof when we get a pan-up to the Plastic Beach island in the sky.

Andre 3000 as Restyled Rorschach Andre's always been a bit of a fashion icon, what with running his Benjamin Bixby label (albeit into the ground) and having an unmistakeably bold style for his brand of rap. But here, the design makes visual inference from Rorschach from Alan Moore's Watchmen. Fitting, considering the substance of Gorillaz.


[EDIT] Also this:


Ocean Bacon I have no idea what this means but it's scribbled on the wall when zombie Murdoc gets his electric chair stuck on the stairs.

What did I miss?